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A primarily human criminal organization that operates mostly out of the Alterac Mountains and Hillsbrad Foothills.

The Syndicate is a mostly Human criminal organization that operates primarily in the Arathi Highlands and the Alterac Mountains, although a few small encampments are scattered in the Hillsbrad Foothills. Their membership numbers around 3,000 persons.

They have three leaders: Lord Aliden Perenolde (who took over from his father Aiden Perenolde), descendent of the original Lord of Alterac, who directs the Syndicate's actions in the Alterac Mountains from Strahnbrad; Lord Falconcrest directs Syndicate actions in Arathi Highlands from the main keep in the semi-abandoned fortress of Stromgarde; and Lady Beve Perenolde, daughter of Aiden Perenolde.


During the Second War the Kingdom of Alterac, led by Lord Perenolde, was discovered to be in league with the Orcish Horde. Perenolde believed that a Horde victory was inevitable, and thus offered aid to the Horde by stirring up rebellions, attacking Alliance bases, and giving them supplies. When this treachery was discovered, the Alliance marched on Alterac and destroyed it. Perenolde and any nobles who went along with his plans were stripped of their titles and land. Many of the nobility managed to escape, however, and began plotting their revenge. Using their still sizable fortunes, the nobility hired a band of thieves and assassins, forming an organization known as the Syndicate.

At first the Syndicate's goal was just to spread chaos and disorder, striking from hidden bases in the Alterac Mountains. With the end of the Third War and the resultant chaos however, the leaders of the Syndicate saw their chance to return Alterac to its former power. They have now gained control of several outposts in the surrounding area including the sacked fortress of Durnholde Keep and a portion of the city of Stromgarde.

They are enemies of both the Alliance, whom they consider their mortal enemies, and the Horde, whom they consider mere brutes good for nothing but slave labor. As a result, the Syndicate is now hunted by both factions, with the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner, in particular, placing a bounty on their heads - guaranteeing that all captured Syndicate members will be summarily executed. In addition, Horde Warchief Thrall ordered a number of his agents, including Krusk, Drull, Tog'Thar and their leader Gol'Dir to launch an investigation into the nature of the Syndicate and its activities, as well as to recover [Taretha's Necklace], which belonged to a dear friend of his, Taretha Foxton - a necklace now worn by Elysa, the mistress of Lord Aliden.


The Syndicate as a faction in World of Warcraft is very odd in comparison to most factions in that the killing of the factions members will not lower your standing with the faction. For most players who are not a rogue, the only way for the Syndicate to appear on their Reputation Menu is to complete the quest Junkboxes Needed, which is available to non-rogues. However, the quest requires [Heavy Junkbox] ... which only rogues can obtain by pick-pocketing NPCs above level fifty, and those can only be traded to you - making it difficult to arrange such a transaction.

Currently there is only one known option to increase a player’s reputation with the Syndicate, and that is by killing members of the Ravenholdt Manor faction. Unfortunately, at the moment little is known about the rewards of increasing Syndicate reputation as all Ravenholdt-affiliated NPCs only give 1 Syndicate Reputation Point, with the exception of Myrokos Silentform, who gives 5 (although the corresponding loss of reputation with Ravenholdt is also five times as great). With all players starting at 32000/36000 hated with the faction, it would require killing 10,000 Ravenholdt NPCs to reach Neutral status with the faction; unfortunately, neutral status is the highest you can reach with the Syndicate, and if not to deter players further, none of the Ravenholdt NPCs drop loot.

WARNING: If you do decide to kill Ravenholdt NPCs, know that there is currently no way to restore your standings with Ravenholdt, if you do go below Neutral. The reason for the problem is that none of the quests that give Ravenholdt Reputation points will be available because none of the members from Ravenholdt will speak to you. This would mean its a permanent change and you will never be able to interact with any of the NPC loyal to Ravenholdt ever again. Also note that players start at 0/3000 reputation with Ravenholdt, and killing even one of their NPCs at this reputation level will forever prevent you from raising your reputation with them again.

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