Quick Facts
  • Level: 30
  • Requires level: 30
  • Side: Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome
  • Allowable Races: Human, Dwarf, Nightelf, Gnome
  • Race Mask: 1101
  • Allowable Classes: Druid
  • Class Mask: 1024
  • Start Script: 0
  • Complete Script: 0
  • RewMoneyMaxLevel: 0
  • ZoneOrSort: 493
  • RewXP: 0

The White Stag and the Moon

Speak to Malanys to continue your path.


As a Druid of the Antler, we have dedicated our lives to Malorne, the White Stag that reached the moon. Ours is the path of love and tenacity. Long ago when Azeroth was born, and the first nightfall covered its lands, Elune shone through the dark night's sky with a light so bright that it struck the heart of the White Stag, Malorne. During his travels in the woods, Elune guided him with her light, banishing the fear of the dark and bringing hope into his soul. Night after night, he pursued her light, each time growing faster and stronger until the day he reached the skies. Impressed by his tenacity and the love he carried for her, Elune decided to make Malorne her consort. Not long after, our lord Cenarius was born of their love. This is the story as it was told for generations which you must know if you desire to assume the form of the White Stag.


You will receive:
Glyph of the Stag


Are you ready to embrace the beauty of the wilds under Elune's guiding light just as Malorne did?


Now that you are aware of the history, you must strengthen your heart and claim these virtues as your own.


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 0 Experience

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