Quick Facts
  • Level: 8
  • Requires level: 6
  • Side: Both
  • Allowable Races: All
  • Race Mask: 0
  • Allowable Classes: All
  • Class Mask: 0
  • Start Script: 0
  • Complete Script: 0
  • RewMoneyMaxLevel: 865
  • ZoneOrSort: 12
  • RewXP: 1442

Wool Would Work

Find 20 flocks of wool off the sheeps in Elwynn Forest and bring them back to Julie Osworth.
Flock of Wool (20)


I know that it's not always warm around the world and sometimes when it's winter setting on the fields mommy used to make us soft and warm mittens and gloves. I remember my cape when we had only Lulu. it was made with her wool. If was so soft and warm! I can make you one too! But before I do that I need some more wool from our sheeps here. As you can see we don't have a lot of them around right now. Why don't you gather some wool from them around the Elwynn? If you have about 20 flocks then I could make you a long drape which will be soft and warm!


You will receive:
Warm Woolen DrapeWoolen Cowl


If you gather enough wool I can make you a long, warm and very comfortable drape.


Amazing, <name>! You've done it!


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 1442 Experience
  • 250 Reputation with Stormwind

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