Quick Facts
  • Level: 27
  • Requires level: 24
  • Side: Both
  • Allowable Races: All
  • Race Mask: 0
  • Allowable Classes: All
  • Class Mask: 0
  • Start Script: 0
  • Complete Script: 0
  • RewMoneyMaxLevel: 2340
  • ZoneOrSort: 10
  • RewXP: 2000
Open Quests

Defias of Duskwood

Slay members of the Defias Brotherhood in Duskwood and return to Watcher Paige.
Defias Night Blade slain (10)
Defias Night Runner slain (15)
Defias Enchanter slain (10)


I can only think of one person with those initials and that would be Sven Yorgen. He used to own the Yorgen Farmstead. In all of the chaos the farmstead was lost to the Defias Brotherhood who slowly made their way from Westfall. I assume Sven has nothing to do with the grave robbers, but the Defias might. Seems to me it's only a coincidence. In any case, the Defias must be brought to an end. We have enough on our plate when it comes to enemies and culling some of their numbers will bring peace to those who have yet to given up on their home. Therefore I ask that you slay any Defias in your way. The Night Watch has seen their activity in Addle's Stead prior to your investigations, so perhaps it'd be best to start there, <name>.


You can choose one of these awards:
Tattered Defias Mask Defias Enforcer Shoulderguards


My trust rests with you, <name>. Please, do not fail me.


While I am glad we reduced their number it never pleases me to take lives, directly or indirectly.


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 390 Experience

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