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Quick Facts

A Fair Trade


Greetings, <race>. I am Kolark, Bounty Hunter from Thunderbluff. Much of the world I have traveled and much I have seen.

My journeys across the South Seas led to the discovery of these wonderous thorium headed arrows. Alas, I have an endless supply of the arrows but have exhausted my supply of shells. Bah, no self respecting Tauren would ever be caught dead using a flimsy bow. The arrows are useless!

I will offer a trade: An even exchange of thorium shells for my thorium headed arrows. Deal?
Thorium Shells (200)


You will receive:
Thorium Headed Arrow


Excellent! I am a Tauren of my word, <race>. The arrows are yours.


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 0 Experience

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