Quick Facts
  • Level: 13
  • Requires level: 13
  • Side: Both
  • Start : Lizzarik
  • Allowable Races: All
  • Race Mask: 0
  • Allowable Classes: All
  • Class Mask: 0
  • Start Script: 0
  • Complete Script: 0
  • RewMoneyMaxLevel: 700
  • ZoneOrSort: 17
  • RewXP: 1167
Open Quests

A Glittering Opportunity

Investigate the mountain south of Ratchet.
Investigate the mountain south of Ratchet


Hey, <race>! In addition to the usual weapons in my stock, I have an opportunity for you. While I was doing my run from Ratchet to the Crossroads I saw a weird light on the mountain just south of Ratchet. There seems to be a ramp up just outside Ratchet, some raptors call the thing home though, so be careful. Now I don't know what it is, but you adventurin' types like to dive right in when it comes to dangerous situations right? It could be some HUGE deal like a demon cult or whatever for all I know and them doing nasty stuff to Ratchet would be very bad for MY business. Consider whatever spoils you find as payment.


Oh my, greetings! Who are you?


Oh you're an adventurer that has come to investigate the lights aren't you? Don't worry, I was merely experimenting with a special matter transmitter and it is of no danger to anyone! Fear not, my experiment will be of use to everyone once it succeeds! On the other hand, I have a task for you if you wish to keep this area safer!


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 191 Experience
  • 25 Reputation with Ratchet

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